A PDF that discusses the importance of live in care for those suffering from dementia.
Run, gun, and survive!

Mobile Astro is a nostalgic twin stick arcade shooter! In this space adventure, you'll have to fight your way through countless waves of enemies to restore maximum peace to the galaxy!

Game Features

Arcade Mode: Fight off the enemy invasion across 10 stages.
Survival Mode: Eliminate as many enemies as possible with
An indie horror about dreams and nightmares the protagonist has. With a scary story and atmosphere. The game is based on real people's dreams and experiences.

You play as a man whose family was killed. You're not allowed to go beyond your own home or else there's consequences. Nightmares and insomnia torment you every day. Will you be abl
Post-apocalyptic world. The entire planet is a hell. Our hero - a young guard trying to
survive in difficult conditions together with his group...
... A few months ago you find out that somewhere in the desert "scumbags"
invented an artifact that allows receiving unlimited supplies of fuel. It’s definitely big
trouble to happen, while that th
Space Distant are present the arcade game of cosmic fights in arcade style of the 80's, this is a game where you can control the spaceship and forced to destroy extraterrestrials, which are moving in the certain order.

15 unique levels, fights against bosses and ear candy music of that era emphasize style of the Space Distant game.
From our blog, our favorite summertime meal - the smoothie. We share our recipe for a fruit almond smoothie for those of us with milk allergies. We replace the milk for almond milk. It added more smoothness than we expected. And it fed our bodies well. We share it with love with all the smoothie lovers in the world.
Master the magic of Elements. Defend your tower against sneaky goblins using magic attacks. Upgrade the Tower to earn more mana points and Gems! Compare with your friends in versus mode or fight togheter in coop mode. Try to become the best in steam leaderboards and collect all the Achievements!
Curtis Carlson Nelson - Warm Weather Travel in the Winter
Experienced in the world of travel and hospitality, Curtis Carlson Nelson has researched patterns of how and when people like to travel.
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